Specialty Classes

Beginning Belly Dancing

A fun, abdominal workout that tones and stretches your midsection and back. Belly dance is different from other workouts because the movements are very freeing and fluid; compared to yoga and Pilates which require special attention to good form and technique. Shimmy off the fat, and release your inner goddess! No prior dance experience needed. The movements are broken down into easy-to-understand steps to make it suitable for all levels. Dress in clothes that will allow you to move freely (yoga wear is perfect)! Long loose skirts, shimmy belts, and showing of midriff is optional. Level 1

Running Yoga

A hybrid class for the runner/yogi. The class begins with Sun Salutations and other poses to prepare the body to run. The class then ventures out of the studio for a 30 minute jog/run. Upon returning to the studio, cool down with yoga poses that stretch the areas that runners need most. This is a great class to help runners and aspiring runners learn how to invorporate yoga to their running routine and gain all of the benefits that running and yoga have together, including injury prevention. Don't forget to bring running shoes! Level 1-2

Yoga Ballet into Shape

Level 1-2

Yoga for Athletes

Level 1-2

Yoga Sculpt into Shape

This class is for students who appreciate a yoga practice yet want the strength and flexibility at a more rapid pace. We use yoga poses, which can be challenging already and add light weights. The combination brings about a lean, toned, exterior as well as a healthier interior. Students may opt out of using the weights during the class and still benefit from the workout the poses bring. Be prepared to sweat! Level 1-2

Yogalates into Shape

A Yoga and Pilates blend that incorporates strength building, Vinyasa style Yoga poses, and abdominal strengthening Pilates poses. Move to upbeat music as you flow in a heart pumping, total body strengthening workout. Level 1-2

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