Welcome to the Essential Oils Ordering Information!  

Here you will find a plethora of information to help you on your Essential Oils Journey! The BEST part of purchasing your Essential Oils here is the 100% support you receive from Polina and our other Essential Oil Master Teachers (Oil Healers). It is extremely important to have correct and hands-on guidance with Essential Oils - You'll find that here with our weekly Essential Oils Classes and Personalized one on one consultations! 

How to Order Essential Oils:

There are two different ways to order Essential Oils – either Retail price or Wholesale Price. If you’re interested in ordering just one or two bottles of Essential oils then Retail price is a best way to go - order here online or pick up an oil at the studio. If you’re interested in saving the most money and the best way to try the top 10 Essential oils then ordering Wholesale (as a Wellness Advocate) is the best option! Need more help? Read on!


 *FREE IMMORTELLE ($96 value!) PLUS Class Packages of Yoga, Pilates & Reformers: Purchase an Essential Oils Kit of $275 or more get FREE IMMORTELLE oil - the ANTI-ANGING Essential Oil blend of the most expensive oils available! PLUS Package of 3 Yoga/Mat Pilates Classes AND Package of 4 Reformer Pilates Classes! (Once you complete your purchase email Polina@addictedtoyoga.com your email Receipt CLICK HERE to PURCHASE THIS SPECIAL!

  Home Essentials Kit 

Retail Price: $362 

 Wholesale Price: $275

  Natural Solutions Kit 

 Retail Price: $770 

 Wholesale Price: $550

   Every Single Oil Kit 

 Retail Price: $2,136 

 Wholesale Price: $1,825

Follow these EASY steps to purchasing an Essential Oils Kit:

STEP 1. Pick an Essential Oils Kit and Click on any Picture or PURCHASE NOW button - or Purchase a SPECIAL below - another window will open - pick your country and continue.

STEP 2. Select "Wellness Advocate" and then hit continue. The “Enroller ID” and “Sponsor ID” boxes should already be filled in for you. But if not, enter 708464 in both boxes

STEP 3. Fill out your Contact Information and Billing

STEP 4. Select your Essential Oils kit and any other products you'd like to add

STEP 5. Enter your payment information and hit "Process Order Now" Your Essential Oils kit will arrive within 2-4 business days! Fill out the Contact US form below with any specific questions and Polina will get in contact with you within 24 hours!

How do doTERRA Essential Oils Help? 

In this world, we are constantly bombarded with toxic environments & polluted air, chemicals in our food & household products, contaminated water, the list goes on and on, over the years it has gotten worse! Those toxins and chemicals inhibit our organs from working properly and keeping our body balanced and healthy! When our body is out of balance dis-ease starts to arise and along comes all the problems. Essential oils bring our body back to balance so that it can work properly and do the job of healing itself of whatever ailments, illnesses, or diseases are present in the body. doTERRA Essential Oils are the best in the world and happen to be the most potent Essential Oils in the world! The plants grown that are harvested for the Essential Oils are grown where they are found most indigenously which makes them very potent! This is what makes the Essential Oils WORK so well! Some of the issues and ailments that can be healed with our own bodies once they are back to balance with the help of Essential Oils: Arthritis, Carpel Tunnel, Cancer, Tumors, Insomnia, Anxiety, Depression, IBS, Headaches, Migraines, Diabetes, High blood pressure, Neuropothy, Cancer, High Cholesterol, Pain Management, Aches, Menopause, Obesity, Addictions, Seizures, Bed-wetting, Fever, Colds, Flus, Infection after Infection after Infection, Burns, and much more! Come learn at any of our weekly Essential Oil Classes!

 Family Wellness Kit

Retail Price: $375

Wholesale Price: $275

 Family Essentials Kit

Retail Price: $187

Wholesale Price: $150

 Diamond Kit

Retail Price: $3,294

Wholesale Price: $2,500

Why do Polina & Dave and the ATY Family chose doTERRA Essential Oils? 

Polina & Dave have been using Essential Oils for over 4 years now and it has truly changed the health of their 5 kids! It was a shocking experience (to say the least!) when they first applied Essential Oils to their oldest son to help with a fever that quickly dropped and showed full recovery after only one night from becoming sick - with absolutely no use of OTC medicine! doTERRA Essential oils are simply THE BEST Essential Oils in the world (in our opinion of course)! There are many, many reasons why doTERRA oils are the best, the most important one being the quality and effectiveness of the Essential Oils. doTERRA has a unique distillation process which allows the Essential Oil to be the most potent and of the highest quality. A very high quality oil will yield extremely effective results! We are confident to say that EVERY single oil that doTERRA makes, WORKS! 

CLICK HERE to Purchase Individual Bottles or any other doTERRA products! Bottles are also available at both Studios!

Fill out the contact form below to Join Polina's Oil Tribe or CLICK HERE to purchase an Essential Oils Kit and Get STARTED Now!

Weekly Essential Oil Classes are offered at

*ATY Chino Wednesdays at 6pm & Sundays at 10am and

*ATY Rancho Mondays at 7:15pm and Fridays at 10:45am

doTERRA Essential oils are SAFE and EFFECTIVE in bringing the body back to balance and the get the organs working properly to heal itself from whatever issues are happening! The best part… all doTERRA Essential Oils come from PLANTS – the rind, leaves, stem, and roots of the plants. Learn more about Essential Oils and how to use them at our Weekly Essential Oils Classes at ATY Chino: Wednesdays at 6pm or Sundays at 10am and ATY Rancho: Mondays at 7:15pm or Fridays at 10:45am. The best and most cost effective way to Purchase doTERRA Essential Oils is through an Essential Oils Kit! The Essential Oil kits are discounted to save you money and try the most common or even Every Single Oil! 

Some Essential Oil Tips: 

1. We don’t recommend buying your Essential Oils on Amazon or another non-doTERRA site EVER (oil bottles have been adulterated and recapped then traded for other oils that are cheaper ones that can cause a lot of harm!) 

2. It usually takes 1-3 months to really learn and understand how to use your oils – don’t worry we will help with our Private Support Group, Weekly Classes, and personal consultations!

3. Essential Oils are SAFE for everyone including babies, animals, people with injuries, and anything that is alive!

4. We believe everyone needs essential oils (just like they need Yoga and Pilates) so if you have a loved one or friend that has some doubt – bring them to a class we’ll share one drop and that’s usually all it takes!

5. You'll get the most comprehensive care when buying oils from here or directly from Polina or any one of our Oils Healer! Interested in earning extra income with doTERRA? Find out how by filling out the contact (get in touch with us) form below and Polina will contact you directly! 

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