The Only full Service Yoga Studio in Chino & Chino Hills, ADDICTED TO YOGA offers a variety of classes for our student total well-being. If you are a new student who has never taken a class with us and from Southern California, join for a drop in class! Come and try one of our many yoga or pilates classes. If you like it, we will offer you a great special.

ADDICTED TO YOGA is a full service Holistic Wellness Center offering over 200 classes a week in all styles of Yoga and Pilates. We provide a learning environment, committed to the beginner as well as the advanced practitioner. No matter what your degree of flexibility or experience, we offer a wide variety of classes to suit your individual needs.

The classes at ADDICTED TO YOGA are taught by the highest quality instructors. Most of our instructors were trained at ADDICTED TO YOGA. With the only 200 hour yoga alliance teacher program in the area, ADDICTED TO YOGA remains committed to the Chino Hills and Rancho Cucamonga yoga communities.
The benefits that students experience with a consistent practice at ADDICTED TO YOGA are numerous including: How to effectively reduce stress and anxiety, better sleep, Yoga for athletes, reducing high blood pressure, Yoga for healthy weight loss, Yoga for back pain or sciatica pain relief, and much, much more.

Yoga & Pilates provides a total system of low impact health and fitness in a non-competitive environment. The culture at ADDICTED TO YOGA serves to grow and building unity through our the communities we serve. In addition to our extensive class schedule we offer a variety of community events designed for students to gather, get to know each other and grow together!


We believe that as times get more complicated, Yoga is a way to relieve stress, reduce anxiety and depression and let go of tension so that our daily lives are more enjoyable and productive. If we are happy, then the people around us are happy. At ADDICTED TO YOGA we help people find a balance in their lives so they can allow themselves to live life to the fullest and the most enjoyable way.

We thrive in the arms and heart of the Communities we serve. With much dedication we live to create an environment to unite the community around us. We offer many workshops and events for that reason, to be and grow together. Our Community Program offers Free Yoga Classes to those that serve our Country in the Armed Forces, low-income families and Support Groups throughout the Inland Empire. In addition, we work closely with non-profit organizations offering individualized private Yoga classes as well as complimentary group classes for the growth of the entire group. Most importantly, our Complimentary Introduction to Yoga Class on Sundays offers an opportunity for the Community to learn and experience the benefits of Yoga at a time when financial strain may be present. We strive to remove the obstacles to a consistent Yoga practice.

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